Research on credentials, programs, etc that interest me...

CompTIA IT Fundamentals

I started my IT Teaching career with CompTIA A+ and Cisco. I may as well start with an intro credential... plus we just introduced this course at KHS.

MacOS Install

I have a Macbook Air that I intended to use as a computer for my wife, but discovered that the Thunderbolt port on it has failed, so it can't be hooked up to an external monitor. Oh well... I'll just reformat it and use it as just a spare laptop.

Go in and reformat the HDD through disk utility and... oops, accidentally deleted the recovery drive. Get stuck in Internet Recovery Mode and install... Yosemite? Ugh... that's a long process to get to Monterey.

Things went smoothly until attempting to install Homebrew. XCode Command Line Tools stalled. So, I tried xcode-select –install ... why is it saying it will take 9.5 hours to install??

  • Apple Developer XCode Downloads

    • Pro Tip: If you keep getting a blank page after logging in with your AppleID, then try logging in on a Windows or Linux computer. Somehow that let me actually download the file.